Square Wall Sculpture - Ruby Red/ Amethyst Purple

Square Wall Sculpture - Ruby Red/ Amethyst Purple


Square textured wall sculpture.

Thick cellulose pulp is hand-molded over a wooden support to create the base of this large wall hanging.

Upon thorough drying epoxy resin is added to reinforce the texture, then a coat of black mica paint is applied to the background and painted with a metallic wax finish for contrast and color.

The final look is a beautiful iridescent effect that catches light from all angles.

Item specifics:

Materials: wood, cellulose pulp, epoxy resin, black mica paint, metallic wax finish.

Colors: Ruby / Amethyst / Black Mica


cm 70 X 70 X 4 

inches: 27 3/4" X 27 3/4" X 1 3/4"

( Room view may not be to scale ).

Need a different size or color? Don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote on a customized piece to fit your space.

Worldwide shipping.

Italy EUR 27.00
Europe EUR 38.00
United States / Canada EUR 65.00
Rest of the world EUR 75.00