Round Wall Sculpture - 3D Wall Panel - Grey Wall Art

Item Description

Round wall sculpture made of cellulose pulp on a wooden support and painted with acrylic colors.

​Made to order.

Please choose the dimension:

​Diameter cm. 90 = inches 35 1/2
Diameter cm. 80 = inches 31 1/2
Diameter cm. 70 = inches 27 1/2
Diameter cm. 60 = inches 23 3/4

The panel will be ready in about 8 weeks because of the drying-time, then I'lI send you a picture of the finished item for your approval before shipping.

If you would like to order this wall sculpture in a different size please contact me for a quotation.

The texture creates a vortex similar to seeweeds floating in the ocean.

A coat of satin finish is applied to the whole surface for protection

from dust and light.

Ready to hang.

Room view may not be to scale.

Worldwide shipping.

Italy 27.00
Europe 54.00
United States / Canada 95.00
Rest of the world 124.00


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