Gold Wall Sculpture - Organic Texture Wall Art

Gold Wall Sculpture - Organic Texture Wall Art


Gold wall sculpture molded with organic texture inspired by nature.

Thick cellulose pulp is hand-molded over a wooden support to create the base of this unique wall hanging.
Strong epoxy resin is added to reinforce the texture, giving you a solid piece for years to come.
It’s then painted with liquid gold leaf varnish, made of pure metallic pigment.
A coat of final varnish adds a protective surface against dust and light

Due to lengthy drying process please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Please select the finish of your textured wall panel in the variations:



cm. 109 x 63 x 5
inches 43" x 25" x 2"

( Room view may not be to scale ).

Dimensions are customizable, please contact me for a quot depending on the size or for any other information.


Shipping cost
Italy EUR 20.00
Europe EUR 23.00
United States / Canada EUR 53.00
Rest of the world EUR 63.00