This large round artwork is created by placing hundreds of squares of various sizes atop a wood back.

Afterward, three coats of epoxy resin are used to coat the squares, welding and stiffening the piece, then the textured surface is gilded with real silver 1000/1000 leaf.

To obtain an industrial chic look the silver leaf is chemically oxidazed with sulfur liver, creating the blue/brown spotted surface wich you can appreciate in the close ups.

The result is always different and original.

A final coat of shellac protects the artwork and prevents further oxidation.


diameter cm 90 - inches 35" 1/2
wood support depth mm 15 - inches 5/8"
texture depth mm 5-10 - inches 3/8"
weight 3.6 kg - lb 8

The artwork you see in the pictures is ready to ship.


Shipping cost


Italy       EUR 18.00
EU       EUR 32.00
Europe non-EU       EUR 40.00
US / CA       EUR 44.00

Round Textured Wall Art Wood and Oxidized Silver Leaf 1000/1000

SKU: R06