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Giulia Madonia is the creator and owner of Jeemado | Wall Art & Sculptures.

After attending the High School of Art she moved onto European Institute of Design and graduated in illustration.

She creates handmade home decor, decorative sculptures and wall art.

Each piece of her wall art from 3D wall sculptures to textured paintings on canvas, is handcrafted by her own two hands.

Because every wall hanging is hand-molded to order, no two pieces are completely identical.

Many of her pieces are available for custom sizes and colors to give you a 100% one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

Every sculpture in her collection is created from one hand-molded positive. A two-valve mold is then used to create the final positive which is made from a paste of resin and marble powder.

Due to the combination of marble powder, sanding, and finish, you'll receive an affordable piece that mimics carved stone beautifully.

Custom finishes are available for sculptures as well.

Please use the contact form to discuss your available options when it comes to wall hangings and sculptures.

Jeemado ships throughout Europe, United States and Canada from Rome, Italy.

In each listing you will find shipping rates for your country and currency conversions.

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Giulia Madonia

via Agostino Bertani 15

00153 Roma (RM) Italy

VAT: IT14126171009


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